Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Imagine when

You have a critical role in our organization partnering with our CEO to help him execute our company purpose of Inspiring People to Build Better. You are increasing his impact with our employee-owners, our customers, and the communities in which we serve, and managing his schedule, so he may be at his best!

You are a vital member of our growth-minded, industry leading, innovative, brand-driven, global employee-owned company. You are challenged to grow, expected to challenge others, and are part of something much bigger than yourself. You leave an indelible legacy mark on our company and our industry through the people your life impacted. And all the while, and most importantly, growing as a person.

About us

We are an employee-owned company and have been a proud part of the American building materials industry for nearly 60 years. We have a storied history of innovation, which many say is in our DNA. We agree. From product to brand, to sourcing to customer-centric solutions, we constantly ask the “what, why and how” questions that many are afraid to ask.

Our core brands of CAMO, PRO-FIT and STINGER are the “asked for brands” in their respective segments. Found at some of the finest names in the LBM, Roofing, Home Center, Distribution and STAFDA channels of the building industry and more recently, through our E-Commerce presence. Our Brand users are the hardworking folks who build things with their hands, and just like us, they are business owners. They build our homes, our decks, install our roofs and they depend on our brands to support them in delivering a job well done.

Our company's reason for existing

Whether supporting our customers, suppliers, employee-owners and their families or the communities in which we live and work, our purpose is simple; inspire whoever we engage with to help them become better. Better people, families, businesses, and ultimately leave better the communities in which we live in. We get this is a moonshot reason for existing. Yet it is one we are committed to.

Our culture

  • Servant focused.
  • Founded on Four Cornerstones, 8 character traits and a simple operating philosophy of Serve • Better • Value • Fun.
  • High standard, embraced by a dedicated team of employee-owners who enjoy the fruits of hard work while having a “bit of fun” along the way.
  • Growth-minded, driving the intentional investments in developing our people and our customers and our communities.
  • Innovative.

Your assignment

To assist our CEO in achieving his maximum impact on our company purpose by partnering with him to stay focused on the key priorities of his position.

  • Assist him in being focused on his priorities, primarily allowing him to do only what he can do.
  • Be accountable for his calendar. Influence who has access to him through the managing of both his internal and external meeting requests.
  • Assist in staff meeting scheduling, priorities and follow-up including staff reporting accountability.
  • Assist and engage with the Board of Directors and coordinate board activities.
  • Participate in staff and board meetings.
  • Arrange all travel and submit related expenses.
  • Develop annual communication calendar for both internal and external CEO communications / connecting.
  • Maintain confidentiality.

To be successful in this role, you must:

  • Aspire to our 8 character traits.
  • Be both organized and creative, a trusted advisor to the CEO
  • Have an aptitude for influencing others and getting groups on board with an idea or direction.
  • Communicate clearly all initiatives that are driven by the CEO.
  • Maintain and protect the CEO’s calendar.
  • Schedule and manage all travel arrangements for the CEO.
  • Never stop looking for exciting, novel ways to reach people, particularly when it comes to making complex topics simple, intuitive, and interesting.
  • Be passionate about strengthening company culture and productivity, and building community.
  • Be humble, competitive, and phenomenal at listening.

Minimum requirements

  • 5+ years working with C-Suite Leaders in an Executive Assistant Role.
  • Relevant degree.
  • Influential, with strong interpersonal and public speaking skills.
  • Great listener – able to ask probing, thought provoking questions.
  • Strong technological skills, including the Microsoft Suite.
  • Ability to professionally manage confidential, time sensitive information.
  • Value both the opportunity to do well professionally and grow personally.

So, if this is an assignment and culture you desire to explore further, contact us. Your new adventure awaits.


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