VP of U.S. Distribution Sales

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Imagine when

You are a vital member of our growth-minded, industry leading, innovative, brand-driven, global employee-owned company. You are challenged to grow, expected to challenge others, are part of something much bigger than yourself, and leave an indelible legacy through the people your life has impacted.

You are leading, building and developing our expanding National Nail Distribution sales team, bringing our award winning brands, CAMO, PRO-FIT and STINGER to our network of channel partners, installers and end consumers.

Aligned with each brand’s unique purpose, your team will execute its assignment of driving brand awareness and the adoption of our innovative products to support our aggressive geographic, channel and company growth plans.

And most importantly, while other things are growing around you, you grow as a person. How cool is that.

About us

We are an employee-owned company and a proud part of the American building materials industry for nearly 60 years. We have a storied history of innovation, which many say is in our DNA. We agree. From product to brand, to sourcing to customer-centric solutions, we constantly ask the “what, why and how” questions that many are afraid to ask.

In 2021 we were recognized by Inc. Magazine as an American Best Workplace. One of 429 companies nationally to be recognized and only one of 11 in the building products industry. A recognition that is truly humbling, yet at the same time, we know National Nail is a pretty special place to be part of.

Our core brands of CAMO, PRO-FIT, and STINGER are the “asked for brands” in their respective segments, and can be found at the finest names in the LBM, Roofing, Home Center, Distribution and STAFDA channels of the building industry and more recently, through our E-Commerce presence.

Our brand users are the hardworking folks who build things with their hands, and just like us, are business owners. They build our homes, our decks, install our roofs and depend on our brands to support them in delivering a job well done.

Our company’s reason for existing

Whether supporting our customers, suppliers, employee-owners and their families or the communities in which we live and work, our purpose is simple; inspire whoever we engage with to help them become better. Better people, families, businesses, and ultimately leave better the communities in which we live in. We get this is a moonshot reason for existing. Yet it is one we are committed to.

Our culture

  • Servant focused.
  • Founded on Four Cornerstones, 8 character traits and a simple operating philosophy of Serve • Better • Value • Fun.
  • High standard, embraced by a dedicated team of employee-owners who enjoy the fruits of hard work while having a “bit of fun” along the way.
  • Growth-minded, driving the intentional investments in developing our people, our customers and our communities.
  • Innovative.

Your assignment

Reporting directly to the President/CEO, you will be a critical member of our Executive Team, comprised of leaders seasoned in their respective area of assignment. This is a team that leverages and leans on each other to build our culture, develop our people and create our future.

You will be expected to develop, lead and drive the needed growth in our sales organization. This team stretches across North America and is composed of growth minded folks who work together in teams. You will be the key face and voice of our company to our customers and those you lead.

This is not an assignment for a first timer. We are seeking a seasoned sales leader who will challenge our leadership team, our sales team and our customers.

  • You must think straight, talk straight and inspire many
  • Innovation is a primary driver of our growth. You must be outstanding at vision casting how our innovation improves a user’s work life while creating new sources of revenue for our channel partners.
  • You must be very adept at using CRM (we use Salesforce), collaborating with marketing and brand leadership and building things must be in your DNA.

Our sales team, under your leadership, will be the most admired sales organization across any industry.

You must be passionate about brands and be able to build one

Think of a brand you love. You use it over and over again. You count on it. It delivers every time. So, you engage with it, every time. It may be something as simple as your toothpaste, or coffee. Could be a clothing line, golf clubs or choice of car you drive. Regardless, there is something about that brand experience that calls you back.

It will be impossible for you to achieve this leadership assignment without “getting” the endearing value of our brands. Our brands don’t fit into someone else’s “finished good”. They embody a unique experience inviting the user to return – again.

You must love challenges and thrive on them

Our brands exist to improve the experiences that end-users have. We change how work is done! And changing how work is done is a challenge.

This won’t be easy. You won’t win them all. Can you take a punch? Do you learn equally from success and failure? And then get back to the mission?

Is this in your DNA? Do you thrive for this challenge?

You must be an outstanding person and teammate and elevate those around you

We believe the best “building” moments at work are the moments when we build things together with our teammates. Are you a good teammate? Do you get that you will be part of a company story and vision that is much bigger than you? Are you a great encourager? Are you teachable? Coachable? Correctable?

We demand great teammates. Are you one? You must be humble, competitive, and phenomenal at listening.

Minimum Requirements

  • Character matters to us and it should matter to you.
  • 10+ years of related experience.
  • 15+ years in sales/customer facing assignments.
  • History of leading aggressive product initiatives accomplishing significant growth.
  • Served on an executive or other leadership team.
  • Accountability for profit/loss, market share/growth performance.
  • Respected by your peers, customers and suppliers for your integrity and critical thinking.
  • Lead a sales team that delivers brand conversion at the field user level.
  • Demonstrated ability to influence and direct initiates across organization.
  • Clear and concise communicator.
  • Able to promote technology, labor savings and structural integrity of products.
  • Strong coaching and the ability shape behavior of an experienced team.

So, if this is an assignment, culture, brand and an industry you desire to explore further, contact us. Your new adventure awaits.


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